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I`m extending my hand to you, because i will be at your side.

My hand in your hand, what a wonderful idea.

If our hands are touching the first time, there is magic, a bond of love, of power and of the eternal being. You can`t separate it.

Hand in hand means more than touching hands. Two souls from different worlds connected hand in hand for ages.

Take my hand and I will walk by your side. No matter what may come I don’t let go of your hand. I don`t walk in front of you. I don`t walk behind you. I walk by your side and hold your hand. I was always there and I will always be there. I`m ready and I`ll give you my hand.

With my hand I`ll help you on your way.

With my hand I`ll take your fear away.

With my hand I`ll be there if you fall.

With my hand I`ll take your pain away.

With my hand I`ll carry you on when you can`t walk anymore.

With my hand I`ll protect you.

With my hand I`ll bless you.

I`m extending my hand to you, do you like to take my hand?

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